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From David Ruth 1/24/18


I'm not sure I forwarded this to you after I received it a few weeks ago. If not, I meant to and apologize for not doing it while it was on my mind. Nevertheless, I'm sending it now. As you can see from reading this; Jim Goode has had tremendous health problems since Christmas. Jim's a tough old bird and if anyone can pull through, he can. I thought this may be something you'd want to post on our Delta Nu web page, so our other Brothers could offer their encouragement to him and Bonna.



To all of my church
 family, Friends & kinfolk,
 Well, it's been a busy 3 weeks: admitted @ 9 Am, then spent
 14 hrs on Christmas eve in the emergency room in Owensboro;
 arrived with a heart rate of 146 per min, plus complete kidney
 failure!!! Stabilized  then a midnight ride to Nashville in an
 ambulance arriving about 3 AM Christmas morning. Over the next 4
 days I had two heart caths + a stint, & a peritoneal
 dialysis port surgically installed in a 3 day period; that MUST
 be a record or something right?
    I've been poked, probed, shot, cut, bled, Ived, stitched,
 itched, glued, irrigated, agitated, medicated, ventilated &
 assaulted both physically & mentally! Been warned, drugged,
 lectured, instructed, inspected, infected, effected &
 dejected... Pushed, pulled & compressed... Dialyzed,
 sterilized, catheterized & criticized... Exrayed, delayed
 & betrayed; EVERYTHING done hurts; that MUST be hospital
 policy!  Hospital food , then no food, then fast food... You
 can't eat this or drink that  BUT drink, drink drink water; then
 you can't have anything before OR after the surgeries. DO NOT
 move this body part for the next 3 hrs; the pain SHOULD lessen
 over time!!! No sleep or rest possible; why do you need my
 blood pressure every 15 minutes for 24 hrs?  
     I've had many questions & fewer answers; "well that
 didn't work so let's try this" !!! Given high hopes then
 had them dashed, developed a bad attitude with a short fuse,
 questioned my faith but got past that pretty quick. Faced
 reality & mortality had to get my mind around both of
 those... Many prayers, food & cards from a LOT of people
 with some very special, personal, encouraging comments included
 in them; nice surprise in one, Thanks Pat & Charlot:-)... The group
 picture of the Sunday School class really made my day &
 lifted my spirits in a particularly DARK Moment.
    Motels, hotels & no tells every night after the initial
 5 day hospital stay... Funny thing though, asked one of the
 hotels if they offered a weekly rate & the clerk said "YES we do, the daily rate X seven" =-O
       Last Wednesday, A perfect stranger that was friends of the
 hospital, came out of nowhere & offered us a  a place to
 stay about 30 miles S/E of Nashville & wouldn't accept any
 payment, so this coming week will be a lot less expensive than
 the last two. Been to Nashville so many times lately that we
 could drive it in our sleep.
      We were allowed to come home Thursday afternoon just ahead
 of the snow storm but must return to Nashville Monday morning
 for another week. The last two weeks & this one coming have
 been all day every day in a hospital dialysis clinic, then
 paroled nightly on our own; were learning how to safely operate
 the home dialysis contraption...The chance of infection is
 REALLY a concern so we have to be able to do it right... We
 SHOULD be thru with all of that this week & back home Friday
 evening, then once EVERY month for the foreseeable future; We
 plan on TRYING to come to church next Sunday.
      This whole ordeal wasn't planed: I was holding my own with
 the kidney issue & THOUGHT
 that I might be getting better, then along came reality on
 Christmas Eve. I've had a miracle or two in Nashville &
 fully expect another one, although the heart flare up was
 somewhat of a GOODE thing as it
 caused us to discover a 97% blockage
 in an artery B4 a probable heart attack occurred &
 discovered that the silent killer kidney failure had quickly
 gotten worse... I've now satisfied all of the requirements for a
 kidney transplant so that's a positive as well.   
     I want to thank all of you for your prayers, cards, calls
 & concerns with this latest adventure; especially Bonna
 who's been right there every step of the way & put up with
 me through all of these experiences... She's dealt with her
 grief, worry & emotions in silence or at least out of my
 presence; couldn't have made it thru this without her, my
 family, friends & all of you...My neighbor Jerry Price &
 Grandson Jordan have taken care of the cattle heard thru some of
 the most brutal weather that we've experienced in years I KNOW
 that it has been a chore & thanks isn't really enough to
     God has a plan & right now I really don't know what it
 is... I pray for a GOODE out come & just trust that it will
     Sorry for the lengthy dissertation but it takes awhile to
 express how I feel...

See you all soon...

Jim Goode