of the
West Kentucky Alumni Association Annual Meeting
October 16, 1999
Calloway Inn, Murray, Kentucky

Respectfully submitted by
R. S. Young, Secretary/Treasurer

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Association President Steve Finkle. 36 members were in attendance. Also present was Hunt Smock, former alumni advisor. No minutes were available from the Homecoming 1998 meeting.

Brother Finkle introduced Scott Toncray, Province Commander of Candler Province, Kappa Alpha Order, in attendance at our invitation for the purpose of providing information from the national office on establishment of a provisional chapter and reactivation of a dormant chapter.

Treasurerís Report: Paul Butterworth

  • Approximately $1100 was spent for Homecoming Ď99
  • $800 remains in the checking account after Homecoming expenses.
  • A CD valued at $1610.47 (renewable 11/9/99 at approx. 4%) is still in the Association's possession.
  • $10 association dues, reinstituted at last years meeting, are due now.

Discussion of Reactivating Delta Nu Chapter: Scott Toncray

  • Reactivation of a chapter requires the approval of the Province Commander and the Executive Council of KAO.
  • Typically a two year process, it can be done sooner in some instances.
  • The climate and strength of the Greek system on campus is a definite consideration. Scott provided the members with a step-by-step "To Do" list of goals to accomplish and actions to be taken by a core group of alumni interested in re-establishing their chapter.
  • A provisional chapter would require 15 young men to start, 30 at the time of initiation. A GPA of 2.5 or better would be required for consideration.
  • A group of 4 to 5 (minimum) local alumni members committing time and toil to the process was strongly suggested. They would act in an advisory capacity for the provisional membership and interact with Murray State to move the process along.
  • Questions/answers followed. The process starts with Province Commander Scott Toncray, and moves to the advisory committee and executive council.

New Business:

  • The new Bylaws of the West Ky Alumni Association were presented by Association Vice President Harris Bowers, no copy of the original bylaws being known to exist. A motion was made and seconded to adopt the bylaws as the official organizational articles of the WKAA. It passed unanimously. Brother Finkle thanked Brother Bowers for his work on the bylaws.
  • Jeff Beck was introduced by brother Jack Bosley. Jeff was active at Lambuth but later transferred to Murray State, and became associated with a number of the then active membership. A motion was made by Brother Bosley to make Brother Beck a member of the WKAA. It was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Report of the Housing Corporation: Buel Stalls

  • Brother Buel Stalls reported $54,922.14 in the Delta Nu HC account. Of that amount, $ 25,000 had recently been transferred to an aggressive growth account with American Express. Additionally, $5000 was set aside for the purpose of covering costs of re-establishment of a chapter. What exactly those costs might be was not defined.
  • The board had voted to establish a scholarship in the amount of $2000 to be awarded in the fall semester, 2000. Officers had been elected. All current officers were re-elected to three year terms. A motion was passed to establish a member-at-large position. Hunt Smock was voted in as such, making the Housing Corporation a five member board.
  • Q/A followed the report. A discussion ensued regarding the efficacy of the Housing Corporation as an independent arm of the alumni chapter. Several brothers expressed concerns that the HCís actions were not in accord with the membership at large, given the direction voted in last year. Brother David Ruth stated the HC fulfilled a legal need to protect Delta Nuís officers from liability regarding the house and activity therein. Since there is no house and no active chapter, the corporation did not appear to have a viable current function. A motion was made by Brother Jerry Pace to dissolve the HC. Brother Finkle explained how the need for a housing corporation came to be when alumni in the 1970ís, working with officers of the active chapter, realized the legal and liability questions that arose by ownership of a real estate property occupied by students with no real assets and no bargaining power. This responsibility was taken on by a group of alumni brothers who formed the Delta Nu Housing Corp. Brother Stalls stated there remains a legal need to maintain the 501c tax status. Several brothers stated that control of the money was an issue that was driving a wedge between the HC and the WKAA. Brothers Ruth and Pace advocated an acceleration of re-establishing Delta Nu given the support of the brothers present tonight and at the meeting last year, a sentiment echoed by several others. Brother Pace stated a more sensible approach would be combining the resources of the HC with the WKAA, placing the control of any future effort to re-establish Delta Nu directly with the alumni brothers, financially as well as representative . Brother Stalls said he felt it was his obligation to protect the resources of the alumni represented in the HC account since he was advised by National that a provisional chapter was several years off. Brother Ruth restated his view that if the brothers favor going forward, they should be prepared to commit their time and money toward that end, and having the resources to secure a house at the appropriate time should be a collective decision and not that of a committee (the Housing Corp.). The motion was restated in the form of a request that the HC convene again and vote to dissolve itself, transferring control of the Housing Corp. accounts to the alumni chapter. It was seconded and passed. Brother Stalls declined to follow that recommendation. Further discussion was suspended by Bro. Finkle.

Election of officers

Nominations for officers of the WKAA were taken from the floor by Brother Finkle. The following officers were elected by voice vote for the upcoming year:

Steve Finkle, President
Harris Bowers, Vice President
Stewart Young, Secretary & Treasurer

A motion was made by Brother Mark Lobstein to extend terms of office to two years. After some discussion, that motion was withdrawn.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM

Dues and contributions collected at 1999 Delta Nu Homecoming

Steve Schwalb        $110
David Ruth              $100
Dennis Arndt           $50
Buel Stalls               $20
Scott Barker           $20
Bill Russell              $20
Kent Harmon          $20
Steve Finkle            $20
Jamie Clemons        $10
Michael Young        $10
Frankie Sellars        $10
Mark Lobstein        $10
James Armstrong    $10
Timon Groves         $10
Mike Futrell            $10

Total                 $ 330

    Dues ($10.00 minimum) may be mailed to:  

    Stewart Young
    6948 Harpeth Glen Trace
    Nashville, TN 37221

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