Official Minutes of the Annual Meeting
of the West Kentucky Alumni Association

Kappa Alpha Order, Delta Nu Chapter

Saturday, 12 October 2002
Calloway Inn • Murray, KY

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Association President Steve Finkle at the Calloway Inn in Murray, KY.  30 members were in attendance. 

The meeting began with a report on the much anticipated installation of a pledge class which when activated will become the new Delta Nu chapter on the Murray State campus.  A provisional KA chapter with 21 members was inducted Friday evening at the First United Methodist Church in Murray.  Many of the alumni were present for that induction.  Brother Finkle acknowledged the attendance of Stewart Harvey from KAO National and three members of Delta Mu at Eastern Kentucky University who performed the ceremony.  A reception, organized by Brother Buel Stalls, followed.

Minutes from the October 2001 meeting have been posted on the website.  A motion was made to approve these minutes.  Seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:   Stewart Young

a.   Expenses to date for Homecoming ‘02 = $255.72
b.  Checking account balance of $1066.29 as of 9-17-02.
c.  A CD with a value of $1772.61, due to mature in Dec 2002.
d.  Annual membership of $100 was paid to Kappa Alpha Order National on April 29, 2002. 
e.  Dues collection for 2002 already underway during the meeting.


Old Business:  Report of Housing Corporation

Brother Buel Stalls reported on a recent meeting of the Housing Corporation.  Since the new provisional chapter has no house and no resources of their own, inquiries were made as to their immediate needs.  Brother Stalls reported they would like to have a KA flag and KA T-shirts or sweatshirts for pledgeship.  In addition, chapter regalia and office supplies would be required in the coming months.  Some group photography might also be needed. The Housing Corporation proposed to fund these start-up costs along with a campus function such as a dance to promote student body recognition of KA’s return to campus.  Brother Finkle asked why the Housing Corporation, whose sole purpose is to buy and own a chapter house, was allocating funds for items the alumni chapter should provide.  A number of the brothers present echoed this thought, noting that the singular desire of this alumni body over the past several years has been to dedicate our time and money toward seeing the chapter brought back to life.  Several brothers aired their views on the apparent competition between the Housing Corporation and the West Ky Alumni Association.  Suggestions were offered regarding the way in which resources should be applied and under what circumstances.  A suggestion was made that alumni association officers should also serve on the Housing Corp board, thus ensuring representation of the alumni embodied in WKAA’s membership in all its activities.  Brother Finkle asked Brother Stalls if he would call a meeting of the Housing Corp board this evening since four of its members were present. 



Motion # 1
A motion was made and seconded to petition the Housing Corp to add the President and Vice-President of the West Ky Alumni Association as members of that board.  Motion was approved by voice vote with one ‘nay”.

Motion # 2
A motion was made and seconded to approve funding of new chapter expenses to include jerseys, a flag, and start-up paraphernalia*, initially for the sum of $2500.  Motion was amended to stipulate that funds be approved on the condition that a minimum balance of $500 remain in the WKAA checking account.  The motion passed unanimously.

*(Bro. Craig Bailey suggested that the purchase of new regalia should not be necessary, since the National Order took it back along with our charter. It was indicated that, due to recent shuffling of province commanders, the whereabouts of those items may not be known.  It was agreed that we should attempt to have the National Order restore the regalia to Delta Nu chapter at no cost to us, since it was removed into their care.)

WKAA President Steve Finkle directed that, $2500 be made available for the purpose of assisting the provisional chapter with start-up expenses.  Brother Stalls was authorized to purchase KA jerseys and other items up to that amount and to submit receipts for reimbursement from the alumni association. 

Motion # 3
A motion was made and seconded to raise annual membership dues of the WKAA from $10 per year to $25 per year.  The motion was unanimously approved. 

Brother Finkle requested that dues be paid at the first opportunity to the treasurer, with a request that brothers consider a gift above and beyond that amount to help fund the aforementioned chapter expenses.


New Business:  Election of Officers 

Nominations for officers of the WKAA were taken from the floor.  Brother Mark Morrison moved the current slate of officers be re-nominated.  Motion seconded and unanimously approved.  The following officers were elected by voice vote for the upcoming year:

Steve Finkle, President
Harris Bowers, Vice President
Stewart Young, Secretary & Treasurer


Other business:  Updates & Reports

The annual “KA Cussin’ Duffers” golf tournament was held Saturday morning at the Miller Memorial golf course.  Trophies were presented to the winning teams.  First place honors went to the team of David Barton and Kim Barton.  Second place awarded to the team of Mark Erwin and Taz Marvin, and their star caddy Rick Hargis.  Brother Lobstein also awarded trophies from the 2001 tournament to the first and second place winning teams, reportedly having lost them in a poker game following last Homecoming, and who only recently was able to recover them with an ace high flush. 

Brother Bowers reported on the recent fishing expedition in Palm Harbor, Florida with five brothers attending.  Another outing is planned for the spring or early summer.

The Delta Nu website and bulletin board continues to be a popular way of joining together brothers from all parts of the country. It was pointed out that many more “hits” are made to the (Virtual Backroom) bulletin board page than there are contributors, thus indicating  that numerous brothers appear to be “lurking”.  Several brothers expressed their gratitude to Brother Finkle for the services the website makes available, and his donation of many hours required to maintain the site.  

 Brother David Ruth suggested brothers start making plans for a 35th or 40th Delta Nu anniversary celebration.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Stewart Young.

Dues-Paying members of the
West Kentucky Alumni Association, 2002



Mark Lobstein


Mark Morrison


Alan Whitlock


Steve Gough


Mark Erwin


Craig Bailey


Harris Bowers


Gary Case


Ron Freemon


Greg Laird


Gross Magee


Steve Schwalb


Chuck Thurman


Scott Barker


David Barton


Stewart Young


Dennis Arndt


Kent Brost


Steve Finkle


Sandy Fitzgerald


Dale Gerstenecker


Jim Goode


Rick Hargis


Terry Lierman


Scott McCormick


Jerry Pace


Ronny Rickman


Doug Schnittker


Buel Stalls


Scott Anderson


Chuck Brandt


Eddie Duvall


Dirk Morgan


David Ruth


Kim Barton


Paul Butterworth


Al Curry


Roger Wheeler


Stuart Alexander





Also Attending:

Kent Harmon

Tom Murray

Bruce Marvin

Scott Shouse

David Billington

Nelson Dossett


More money is needed!
Please mail dues ($25.00 minimum) to:

Stewart Young
6948 Harpeth Glen Trace
Nashville, TN 37221

Your generous donations will be posted above, unless otherwise requested.

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