Official Minutes of the Annual Meeting
of the West Kentucky Alumni Association

Kappa Alpha Order, Delta Nu Chapter

Saturday, October 18, 2003
KenLake Lodge • Aurora, KY

The meeting was called to order at 6:55 PM in Meeting Room C of the KenLake Lodge by Alumni Association President Steve Finkle. There were 27 members in attendance.

Brother Finkle recognized our guest Stewart Harvey, Director of Development for the KAO Educational Fund.

Minutes from the October 2002 meeting were submitted. They have been posted on the website for the past year.

Treasurer’s Report: Stewart Young

a.  Expenses for Homecoming ‘03 = $294.90
b. Checking account balance currently $1769
c. A 13 month CD with a value of $1830.30, matures 1/08/04
d. $1930.29 for provisional chapter start-up needs paid to Housing Corp as reimbursement of expenses.
e. Annual $100 membership was paid to Kappa Alpha National Administrative Office in March 2003.
f.  Dues raised to $25 at last Homecoming. Total 2002 dues & contributions collected was $2880.
g. 2003 dues collected prior to the meeting = $590.

Old Business: Report of Housing Corporation

The Housing Corporation of Delta Nu chapter met on Saturday morning, October 18, 2003 at the home of Buel Stalls. Brother Stalls updated all regarding the status of invested funds. Copies of the official bylaws were presented which indicated that the housing corporation is comprised of all members of the alumni association and that the board of directors are to be elected by the corporation membership for three-year terms.  In as much as the current board had served since the active chapter was dissolved, it was decided that a new board would be elected at the alumni meeting.

In order to maintain legal separation of the Housing Corp. and the WKAA, (at Stewart Harvey's suggestions) the bylaw voted in last year, placing the Alumni president and vice-president on the board, was struck down. In order to establish a recurring 3-year cycle, elections this year will include three 1-year term members, two 2-year term members, and two 3-year term members. Henceforth, elections will be held annually for three-year terms.  Board members will elect their own officers.  Minutes from the meeting are posted here.

New Business: 2003 Activities

The sixth annual “KA Cussin’ Duffer” golf tournament was held Saturday morning at Miller golf course. The competition was a two-man scramble with six team pairings. Trophies were presented to the top two scores. First place went to the team of Craig Bailey/ Stewart Young. Second place was awarded to AJ Wendell/Tommy Gamble. All players received an all-weather golfing vest embossed with KA. There are a few vests remaining and are available from Brother Lobstein for $25.

The traveling “golden telephone” award, presented to the brother who telephonically “reached out and touched” the largest number of brothers to urge them to attend Homecoming, was presented this year to Harris Bowers.

New Business:

KA National Update - Stewart Harvey

The KA National Administrative office may soon be looking for a new home, as they must vacate one of the historic buildings on the property owned by the national office. This is the result of a lawsuit involving the courthouse building in downtown Lexington, VA, which is adjacent to KA’s headquarters. It is probable they will condemn the building owned by KAO via eminent domain in order to take possession and expand the courthouse. Stewart also gave an update on the progress of the provisional chapter from the administrative perspective.

Update from the Provisional Chapter - Craig Bagby, Number I

The chapter consists of 16 members at this time. Their overall GPA is 2.7. Four new members were accepted during the Fall rush. 10 or so guys have left since the induction last year, most because of grades or lack of commitment to KA. The members who remain are serious about KA, their obligations as students and men, and seeing the chapter fully reinstated. Thirty members are needed for the provisional chapter to be initiated and Delta Nu re-chartered. Activities to date this year include a successful blood drive in October, and officers will attend a risk management seminar. An upcoming event is being planned for the presidents of Greek organizations on campus. Financial obligations include $185 per semester which covers the insurance premium. The group meets Sunday evenings at 9 PM.

Brother Gross Magee gave an update on the chapter from his perspective as a faculty member of the university. Gross has attended a number of their meetings. He urges an alumni advisory committee be formed, and has organized the assignment of big brothers from among interested alumni. The biggest challenge to bonding and getting more interest from rushees is they have no place to meet.

Election of board members, Delta Nu Housing Corporation

Nominations were taken from the floor for 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year terms on the Housing board. Votes were registered by show of hands. The results are:

One Year Term:
Stuart Alexander, Hunt Smock, Jim Goode

Two Year Term
Jerry Morris, Craig Bailey

Three Year Term:
David Ruth, Ronny Rickman

Elected board member terms were accepted by acclamation. Retiring board members were thanked for their years of service.

Election of WKAA Officers:

Nominations for officers of the West Kentucky Alumni Association were taken from the floor. New officers for the upcoming year were elected by voice vote.

Stewart Young,  President
Harris Bowers, Vice President
Kimber Barton, Secretary & Treasurer

Other Business: Motions

A motion was made by Stuart Alexander to draft a letter from the WKAA to the Province Commander expressing a vote of confidence in Brother Buel Stalls as Alumnus Adviser. It was seconded and passed.

A request was made for the President and Secretary/Treasurer to work with Brothers Magee and Stalls when financial assistance is desired for rush functions.

Outgoing President Steve Finkle was presented with a plaque of recognition and thanks for his service as alumni president for the past five years.

Incoming President Stewart Young requested that Brother Harris Bowers chair a Homecoming Social Committee to develop plans and solicit ideas for Homecoming 2004. A suggestion was made that we return to Kenlake while working with the chapter for a Murray presence such as Tent City.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Stewart Young.

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