You Are A KA

Sir, You are a KA

Sir, you are a Kappa Alpha. You are not just another fraternity man. You are a knight of the most unique organization among Greek letter societies. You have been made familiar with tradition and values which emanated – not by accident, but by device – from the most noble qualities of the Knights of Old.

Into the heritage you have been presented are incorporated the highest ideals of fidelity to God and esteem of women. You are a KA. You can never be anything else and cannot do less than aspire to excellence. You cannot be petty, cowardly, unfair, unfaithful; you are a KA.

You have a serious challenge, indeed a direct obligation incumbent upon you as a KA. As you are the recipient of so rich a heritage, you are conscience-bound to be ever-anxious to preserve, strengthen, and pass on the heritage to those brothers your Order chooses to entrust with it in the future.

You will never grow taller than when you stoop to help a brother. And you cannot desert him when others do. You can never become wiser by disregarding the sterling ideals of your Order. You can never worship your God more intimately than when you utilize the tools Kappa Alpha has given you.

And if you will do these things, you cannot but realize for yourself the respect of your fellow man, the wealth of mortal happiness, and the salvation by a generous God.

– Former Councilor Roy Parsons (Alpha Kappa-Missouri 1946)

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