WKAA President’s Message & Update




This year marks 50 years since a group of men at Murray State University known as Alpha Kappa Alpha were first chartered into our Order, and I am happy to tell you that your legacy, your Chapter has returned to Murray State University.

This year we join those young men and return to Murray ourselves, for a very special Homecoming, October 18/19, with a real Saturday Night Homecoming Dance, complete with a professional sound system, featuring music from all 5 decades of Delta Nu that will appeal to all of our Brothers and their dates.  A special feature this year will be an updated version of our slide show, featuring hundreds of many never seen before photos.

Brother Ronny “Rock & Roll” Rickman will be on the microphone, introducing the tunes and  spinning the digital records.

Our host hotel is the Best Western, Murray, https://kadeltanu.com/reservations/  and the block of rooms at our special rate $95.99 is really  going fast. As of today there are only 13 rooms remaining available. We have the meeting room reserved for our Friday evening events, Saturday morning meetings and the Saturday night Homecoming Dance.

Brother Mark Lobstein has once again put together the CUSSIN DUFFERS GOLF OUTING,  https://kadeltanu.com/homecoming-golf-outing/  which takes place Friday morning.

Master  Wine Sommelier, Brother Sandy Fitzgerald will entertain and indulge us with deductive tasting methods, evaluation and some good ole fashioned fun !

Other planned events include Cornhole…….. (no, it’s not THAT), Poker, Tent City pregame tailgating at the KA Tent, manned by the Chapter, the LET’S GO SOUTH 641 Bar-B Que,  Pool Cue Challenge & Team Shuffleboard Championship, sponsored by Brother John Scott and much more! Your West Kentucky Alumni Association & Housing Corporation will hold the required annual meetings, Continental Breakfast included.

It’s a good idea to print off the events page before you leave the house, as some of the details may change as we get closer to homecoming. All the event information can be found here: https://kadeltanu.com/homecoming-events-details/

All members of Kappa Alpha Order are expected to follow all applicable laws of the state, county, parish, city and institution of higher education, and include the following provisions:  Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy 

 We need your help with the following items:

  • Ice
  • Coolers
  • Large flatscreen TV for the slide show
  • Your photos for the slide show – from your active days, or any post graduate get togethers
  • Cornhole/beanbag equipment
  • We need a volunteer for the VII PARLIMENTARIAN position for the annual meeting Saturday morning before the KA DRAFT BOARD comes a-calling.
  • The West Kentucky Alumni Association relies 100% on the voluntary support of it’s membership. This year we will recognize those Brothers who provide support. For 2018 we have extended our budget to cover numerous items, including TENT CITY and the sponsorship of the SMOKERS. If you would like to participate in supporting the WKAA, see Brother Jerry Morris, Treasurer at Homecoming with your donation, otherwise you can mail in your annual dues donation, details found here:
  • https://kadeltanu.com/support/

Finally, no matter the efforts I have put into KA and Delta Nu,  I will never put back in what I got out of it, both as an active Brother and during the decades post graduate. Valuable lessons & people skills were developed &  learned, and enduring lifelong friendships built all those years ago. Over the past three years, I believe I have accomplished all the goals I set out to do as President of the West Kentucky Alumni Association.

The men of the Chapter now need someone closer to home to take an active role in mentoring them forward, and helping them to develop the Chapter to it’s full potential. Therefore, I will relinquish my role as President of the West Kentucky Alumni Association, effective at  our October annual meeting.

I can continue my role in providing & maintaining the website https://kadeltanu.com/ and I will assist the new President for a smooth transition. If nominated, I would like to  serve on the Housing Corporation.

An e-mail blast will go out shortly.

Don’t forget to send your slide show photos to:  Harris(at)forcefieldhurricane.com




Harris Bowers


West Kentucky Alumni Association

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